Young Adult Services

Young Adult Group Therapy (ages 18-28)
Individualized Treatment Services

Our Mission:

In order to more effectively meet the needs of our young adult clients and families, we have expanded our Young Adult Therapy Services. In addition to offering our original 20
hour/week Ascend Program, we are also offering integrated treatment services that will allow us to better meet the individualized needs and goals of our clients. These services are for clients who need more than 1-2 times/week of therapy and who need less than 20 hours/week of treatment.

To schedule an intake assessment, please contact Amye Fried, LCSW-C at or Caryn Harris, LCPC at

The following outpatient groups will be offered:

Art Therapy

DBT Process Group

Goals Group

LaunchWell College Readiness Group

Process Group

To find out more about Art Therapy groups, please contact:

Chris Whitaker, LCSW     x711         whitakerc@metcounseling

To find out more about all other groups, please contact:

Caryn Harris, LCPC           x714 

Art Therapy Groups – Art therapy provides a forum for self-discovery that uses art to increase a client’s self­-awareness and ability to recognize, express, and manage emotions. Participants use an art prompt that is related to his/her treatment goals to create such a visual expression. The first half of the group focuses on visual expression through art and the second half focuses on understanding and sharing the art with group members. Chris Whitaker, LCSW-C, ATR leads all art therapy groups.  Cost: $150 per group + 1-time $25 art supply fee.

DBT/Process Groups – DBT (Dialectical and Behavioral Therapy) is an empirically-based treatment proven to help people develop skills to manage overwhelming emotions and challenging relationships more effectively.  Skills are divided into 4 modules: Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness.  This group adds a process component for clients to apply their skills to real life situations.  Cost: $150 per group.

Goals Groups – Goals group focuses on developing short and long term goals. The purpose of the group is to 1) To identify areas for personal growth and make a commitment to actively address these areas.  2) To regularly monitor and assess progress made in regard to goal setting.  3) To become and remain focused on what a client wants in their life.  4) To create and execute a plan to meet goals.

LaunchWell Groups – LaunchWell™ online college readiness program provides a foundation of evidence-based self-awareness, knowledge, and daily living skills proven essential to achieve academic success, relationship satisfaction, health,  and well-being in college and beyond. Through 70 very brief, dynamic, and easy to read self-paced lessons, in under three hours, high school and college-age students learn skills and strategies to: manage schedules and on-going demands, master academic assignments and challenges, establish healthy and rewarding relationships, take daily care of physical and mental health, enhance problem-solving skills, improve goal setting strategies, understand biological and personality differences that impact mood and behavior, enhance communication and conflict management skills, manage stress, decrease anxiety, improve executive functioning strategies, reduce the risk for depression, develop effective behaviors with and without motivation, reduce avoidant behaviors and procrastination, and much more.  Cost $150 per group.

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