Consultation & Training

ConsultationOur highly skilled associates work in consultation with a variety of organizations to help schools, businesses and programs address systems, personnel or product issues pertaining to social and emotional development.

We routinely consult with other mental health providers to assist in developing, modifying and implementing effective treatment plans. Our depth of collaborative resources and continuum of care can assist other providers to identify and problem solve treatment challenges and supplement ongoing treatment outside of our practice.

Our certified supervision services are available to help new clinicians prepare for advanced licensure in social work, psychology and art therapy. We also offer advanced supervision for clinicians who have been in practice and benefit (we all do!) from ongoing reflection and support in deepening and strengthening their work.

Our training programs provide continuing education opportunities for therapists, educators and physicians while addressing a range of clinical and ethical issues in practice.

Many of our supervision and training opportunities benefit from our one-way mirror between our conference from and group therapy space. Live supervision is a tremendous asset in training and is a fixture in some of the most esteemed and respected training institutes around the world.

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