ConsultationOur Consultation Services are for organizations and individuals.

We work with schools, companies, treatment programs and treatment providers to assess and address variables that interfere with reaching objectives.

Our associates have a collective expertise in business, systems, and ethics and are able to apply experience and leadership in problem solving and planning. We provide clinical and developmental knowledge towards behavioral, social and emotional issues as they pertain to news, product development and forensics.

We have helped many schools within the Washington DC area develop and refine counseling services and develop programs that strengthen their support of the academic, social and emotional needs in their communities. We also work directly with schools on an ongoing basis to consult on counseling issues and crisis management.

We take pride in over a decade of working collaboratively with many talented therapists and healthcare providers in the metropolitan DC area creating treatment plans and supporting a continuum of care. The strength of this wide network is a perpetual asset to our entire practice.

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