DBTDialectical Behavior Therapy is an effective research based treatment model that combines individual and skills group to help participants develop the skills that support stable mood, self care and effective relationships.

The model is based on cognitive and behavioral strategies combined with a foundation of mindfulness and the ability to attain objective awareness. Using the dialectical understanding of the importance of acceptance in seeking change, we work with clients to understand their reality in ways that enhance empowerment and problem solving.

DBT skills are attained through learning the theory and practice of four modules of skills:

Emotion Regulation
Interpersonal Effectiveness
Distress Tolerance

Each module is useful alone, however the empirically proven benefits of the model rest on the comprehensive knowledge and application of all four skill sets. For this reason, the majority of DBT work is done in a 6-12 month skills group that provides the overview of skills and the ability to learn and practice in individually relevant ways. The individual DBT therapy augments the group and helps participants refine their understanding of the variables that interfere with success and create pain, and to develop individualized ways of practicing the skills to reach optimal effectiveness.

AT MCA we believe that the fundamental knowledge and use of DBT skills can help everyone be more successful in managing their mood and enhancing interpersonal skills. We also have experienced first hand how DBT can help individuals with patterns of self destructive behaviors or suicidality achieve progress and stability.

We offer DBT groups and individual therapy for adolescents, young adults and adults. We also have a DBT component in the ASCEND young adult program.

Because there is often a waitlist for DBT services, we recommend that perspective participants contact our practice as soon as they determine that DBT could be a useful treatment method to explore options.

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