Family/ Couples Therapy

Counseling_FamilyFamily and Couples therapy help families reduce conflict and enhance effective interaction and problem solving. Family therapy creates change through identifying patterns of interactions that are creating obstacles and distress and helping family members develop new patterns of communication, understanding and conflict resolution.

While it is common for families to present with goals pertaining to the family or couple, it is not uncommon to discover through assessment that individual concerns are symptoms of challenges in family relationships. We work with clients to assess and decide which type of counseling will be the most successful in achieving their desired goal.

Our therapists provide family and couples therapy using several theoretical perspectives including Bowen systems, strategic, structural and imago therapy. The distinction amongst theory and practice is by therapist as well as based on the needs of the family. Upon first contact, we help families understand the specific techniques and models available that will be most efficient and effective. We can then collaboratively develop the most effective treatment plan and help families achieve their specific goals.

Family therapy can be a very powerful and uncomfortable experience. We work diligently and quickly with families to develop trust and the ability to create the vulnerability that can allow for sustainable change.

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