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Counseling_GroupGroup Therapy is available for children, adolescents and adults. Groups are a very powerful means of helping individuals develop confidence, competence and more meaningful relationships. In group therapy, clients further their understanding of how they interact with others and have the opportunity to learn and practice more effective interpersonal skills. Clients often find group therapy to be a highly effective way to experience support while simultaneously receiving direct feedback from peers as well as the group facilitators. At Metropolitan Counseling Associates we offer two types of groups:

Psychotherapy Groups are usually open-ended and focus on helping clients develop a greater awareness of their feelings, experience of others and impact of their behavior on those around them. Group members benefit from two simultaneous levels of group interaction. The first level of interaction takes place as participants share pertinent issues in their lives that they experience outside of the group. This allows participants to relate to one another and receive support. The second level of group interaction offers members the opportunity to identify and understand relationship patterns that develop within the group. As group members develop greater awareness of themselves in these relationships, the newfound self-knowledge can be extended and applied in the world outside of the therapy room.

Social Skills groups are generally time-limited and focus on the development of specific social skills. This type of group is ideal for children and teens that struggle with identifying, interpreting, and responding to verbal and non-verbal social cues.

Current Groups

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To find out more about Art Therapy groups, please contact:

Chris Whitaker, LCSW     x711         whitakerc@metcounseling

To find out more about all other groups, please contact:

Caryn Harris, LCPC           x714    

Art Therapy Groups

-Young Adult Groups          -High School Groups

DBT Process Groups

-Young Adult Groups          -High School Groups

Launchwell College Readiness Groups

-College/Young Adult Groups     -High School Groups

Organizational Support and Structure in the World of Distance Learning

-College/Young Adult Groups   -High School Groups     -Middle School Groups

Process Groups

-High School Group

Support and Wellness Groups in the Face of Covid

-College/Young Adult Groups     -High School Groups      -Middle School Groups     -Parent Groups

Art Therapy Groups – Art therapy provides a forum for self-discovery that uses art to increase a client’s self­-awareness and ability to recognize, express, and manage emotions. Participants use an art prompt that is related to his/her treatment goals to create such a visual expression. The first half of the group focuses on visual expression through art and the second half focuses on understanding and sharing the art with group members. Chris Whitaker, LCSW-C, ATR leads all art therapy groups.  Cost: $150 per group + 1-time $25 art supply fee.

DBT/Process Groups – DBT (Dialectical and Behavioral Therapy) is an empirically-based treatment proven to help people develop skills to manage overwhelming emotions and challenging relationships more effectively.  Skills are divided into 4 modules: Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness.  This group adds a process component for clients to apply their skills to real life situations.  Cost: $150 per group.

LaunchWell Groups – LaunchWell™ online college readiness program provides a foundation of evidence-based self-awareness, knowledge, and daily living skills proven essential to achieve academic success, relationship satisfaction, health,  and well-being in college and beyond. Through 70 very brief, dynamic, and easy to read self-paced lessons, in under three hours, high school and college-age students learn skills and strategies to: manage schedules and on-going demands, master academic assignments and challenges, establish healthy and rewarding relationships, take daily care of physical and mental health, enhance problem-solving skills, improve goal setting strategies, understand biological and personality differences that impact mood and behavior, enhance communication and conflict management skills, manage stress, decrease anxiety, improve executive functioning strategies, reduce the risk for depression, develop effective behaviors with and without motivation, reduce avoidant behaviors and procrastination, and much more.  Cost $150 per group.

Organizational Support and Structure in the World of Distance Learning –These support groups will focus on keeping students on track and utilizing skills to help navigate distance learning.  Students will review their work for the week by checking educational platforms and writing assignments and scheduled classes in planners or other organizational tools. Students will review their work and use of executive function skills from the previous week. Additionally, students will plan out long-term assignments and problem solve any issues they are encountering with the online curriculum. Students will also learn how to prioritize and structure their time. Clinician will teach an executive functioning skill each week and demonstrate how strategies will improve student’s ability to navigate distant learning.

Process GroupProcess groups give clients a safe place to work though conflicts and emotional issues. Not only can clients gain insight into their own thoughts and motivation, but they can also offer suggestions and support to their peers. The connection the clients establish with peers and group facilitators is based on trust and as result the clients feel safe to explore and share fears, feelings and problems. Ultimately, they experience difficult interactions and complex emotions in a new and empowering way.  Cost: $150 per group

Support and Wellness Groups in the Face of Covid – These groups give people a safe and supportive place to talk, express feelings, ask questions, problem solve, discuss self-care, and feel connected to others.  Many people are feeling stressed, isolated, sad, and nervous about Covid and what this means for all of the uncertainty ahead.  These groups will bring people together to initiate conversation, highlight the importance of wellness, and support one another during a very stressful time.  

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