Individual Therapy

Counseling_IndividualIndividual therapy is the primary treatment for many emotional difficulties and behavioral challenges. Individuals work with a therapist to develop awareness that becomes the foundation in achieving both acceptance and change. Individual therapy is goal directed and draws from a range of theory including psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, DBT, and solution focused models. It is an effective treatment modality for clients as young as 4 and throughout the life span.

Individual therapy allows the client to learn about their feelings, thoughts and behaviors and how they can promote and interfere with health and wellness. It can also be used to develop effective coping strategies and greater self-esteem. Regardless of age or technique, it rests on the objectives of problem solving and achieving higher levels of functioning.

New clients can expect to spend the first few sessions assessing presenting problems and formulating treatment goals. The overall duration and frequency of therapy will be determined collaboratively and is continuously assessed throughout to ensure that the work is effectively addressing expectations and goals.

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