Mindfulness Programs

MindfulnessMindfulness practice has been found to be an effectual and proactive tool in managing stress and promoting physical, cognitive and emotional health and development. It encompasses the ability to be present and engaged in the moment and to have control over attention, thinking and ultimately physical relaxation.

Mindfulness practice is centuries old and has been used around the world to promote wellness and self-care. It is also thought by many cultures to be our most potent connection to inner wisdom and peace.

Today, mindfulness is a term that is so common it’s meaning has been diluted. The language is used in describing attention, yoga, self-control and even efforts to resist the negative implications of technology and other societal advances.

At MCA we have integrated mindfulness practice in various ways. In addition to the core mindfulness in our DBT programs, we routinely offer mindfulness groups for children and teens which draw from empirically based programs that have proven successful in teaching and application. We also cultivate relationships with area programs to help our clients expand their practice and to support their therapeutic, educational and overall goals.

Our groups are both semester based and ongoing. If interested please contact mindfulness@metcounseling.com

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