Mindfulness Practice

MindfulnessExpansive research has shown practicing mindfulness provides unprecedented benefits to reducing anxiety, managing stress, improving focus, stabilizing mood and changing a wide range of problem behaviors. Creating biological and psychological changes that promote physical, cognitive and emotional health and development. 

Mindfulness practice takes many forms, is centuries old and has been used around the world to promote wellness and self-care. In many cultures, it is considered to be our most potent connection to inner wisdom and peace. And although mindfulness has become a common term in our present culture, it’s meaning has become diluted and is often unclear. And while developing and practicing mindfulness skills should be an individual pursuit based on individualized preference, it is important to learn how to adopt a practice that meets your respective goals.

At MCA, our approach to mindfulness practice involves helping clients develop skills to be present and engaged in the moment and to have control over attention, thinking and ultimately physical relaxation. We incorporate mindfulness skills in many of our therapy services, and it is an integrated component in our DBT programs and young adult intensive services.  Our work with clients draws from empirically based methods, and incorporates techniques proven to support therapeutic and educational progress, as well as overall health and well-being.

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