Play and Art Therapy

SandPlayArtWhile many counseling techniques rest heavily on verbal interactions between clients and therapists, at MCA we also value the ability to help clients reach their treatment goals with other techniques and modalities that do not rely exclusively on verbal expression.

Play therapy is available for children and adolescents who communicate best through a combination of verbal and non-verbal means. Play therapy is the ability to use games, dolls and puppets and other non-verbal forms of interaction in developmentally appropriate ways to build relationships and deepen interaction and communication. While these techniques are obvious assets in working with younger children, many children and teens benefit from having non-verbal ways of forming relationships and communicating their thoughts and feelings.  Play can be used to help the child develop trust and the courage and comfort to address difficult experiences.  It is also a valuable means to enhance ongoing work.

Art Therapy is a profoundly effective technique that invites clients to use art to express and reflect upon their experience. The art therapist helps the client use the medium to deepen their understanding of the internal and external variables that impact them. In addition to creating opportunities to observe, understand and communicate and experiences over time, art proves to be a potent means of healing for many people of all ages.  The experience of creating art allows many clients to experience cathartic, creative and validating interactions with the art therapist that can be reparative and tremendously growth enhancing.

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