Educational Services


For the majority of children, adolescents and young adults, the ability to succeed in school significantly influences their ability to maintain functional behavior, stable mood, overall health and well-being.  At MCA, we strive to help clients secure and enhance academic achievement by identifying specific educational challenges and effective supports. And our associates work extensively with clients, families, schools and other professionals to develop educational plans, access accommodations, build executive function and problem-solving skills and identify the best school for their respective learning needs.

All of our educational services and supports are provided with attention to the interplay between cognitive ability, motivation, mood, learned behavior and stress. And all of our assessments, reports and ongoing work integrate a strength-based approach that propels our clients towards their individualized goals.

Our educational services for children and teens include:

ADD/ADHD evaluations
Cognitive and Achievement Testing
School Advocacy
Interdisciplinary collaboration
IEP/ 504 planning and support
Executive Function Coaching
College Transition Services

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