Educational Services

EducationalWhether objectives pertain to advocating for educational accommodations, developing educational planning, excelling in academic work or choosing the right school; our highly skilled associates help individuals and families identify the most effective measures, supports and plans.

Many of our clients present concerns about attention, and difficulties initiating or sustaining academic work. Our associates are able to help clients ascertain the specific reasons behind these difficulties and formulate the appropriate plan of action.

All of our educational services are provided with attention to the interplay between cognitive ability, motivation, mood and stress. We use a strength-based approach in our assessments, reports and ongoing tutoring to propel our clients towards their respective goals.

Our educational services for children and teens include

Psych educational testing
Admissions Testing
ADD/ADHD evaluations
IEP/ 504 support and planning
College Counseling
Executive Function Coaching
Subject Tutoring

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