Vocational & Volunteer Services


Successful transition to independent adulthood requires developing the capability to acquire and maintain stable employment. At MCA, our extensive work with young adults and families has taught us that the ability to demonstrate competence on a regular basis is essential to maintaining self-esteem, mood stability and overall health and well-being.

Our vocational and volunteer services are designed to help clients develop the knowledge, skills and behaviors they need to achieve these goals, and support life-long vocational success.  We use a wide range of assessment tools, to help clients gain a realistic understanding of their strengths, challenges, aspirations and limitations. And work closely with them to use expanded awareness to develop and implement effective vocational plans. 

Established relationships with local volunteer organizations provide our clients opportunities for experiential learning to develop and practice problem solving, conflict resolution and other interpersonal skills. And expose them to experiences they need to expand self-awareness, life skills and relationships that support long term personal and professional success. 

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