LaunchWell™ — What is it? & Why is it important?

LaunchWell™ online college readiness program provides a foundation of evidence-based self-awareness, knowledge, and daily living skills proven essential to achieve academic success, relationship satisfaction, health,  and well-being in college and beyond. Through 70 very brief, dynamic, and easy to read self-paced lessons, in under three hours, high school and college-age students learn skills and strategies to:

manage schedules and on-going demands,

master academic assignments and challenges,

establish healthy and rewarding relationships,

take daily care of physical and mental health.  

enhance problem-solving skills,

improve goal setting strategies,

understand biological and personality differences that impact mood and behavior,

enhance communication and conflict management skills,

manage stress,

decrease anxiety,

improve executive functioning strategies,

reduce the risk for depression,

develop effective behaviors with and without motivation,

reduce avoidant behaviors and procrastination,

and much more.

LaunchWell™ was developed over ten years of treatment, observational study, and qualitative research with teens and young adults at Metropolitan Counseling Associates. It is based upon the principal when students know their strengths and accept their challenges; they can use self-awareness to develop goal-directed behaviors, sustained attention, meaningful relationships, mental health wellness, autonomy, and stability.   

Significant numbers of college students experience academic, behavior, and mental health crisis at college that lead them to return home prematurely. Our work reveals that many of these students are diagnosed with mental health, learning, and behavior disorders caused by problem-solving and living skills deficits, not underlying cognitive, biological, or psychiatric problems.  

It has become common knowledge that evolving norms in parenting, education, and technology inadvertently undermine experiential learning and teachable moments necessary for developing adult independent functioning. Patience, motivation, and problem-solving skills are not naturally learned, practiced, and strengthened when children grow up under the shadows of parents and programming. Nor when Google, GPS systems, and cell phones are at our fingertips. We recognize these widespread norms eclipse skills development. They also reflect normal, healthy human behavior.  

These cultural norms are not changing, and they won’t change. Parents and students have done and will continue to do the best they can with the greatest ease available. Technology makes problem-solving, learning, and socializing more accessible, spontaneous, and at times more engaging. College and adulting begin when students graduate from high school, and expectations of readiness are based upon conventional planning, student age, and high school graduation dates not demonstrated readiness.

These patterns yield another, less obvious, alarmingly destructive pattern for college-age students today. Students nationwide are not getting the skills development and self-awareness they need to prepare for launching well until they have a crisis and the symptoms of a disorder requiring treatment. By this time, their self-esteem plummets, their academic planning is derailed, and their finances, patience, and hope are depleted.  

LaunchWell™ changes this. Our work has proven for over a decade; norms of parenting, education, and technology don’t have to change for teens and young adults to acquire the self-awareness, knowledge, and skills they need to launch successfully. They just need to learn differently and directly.  LaunchWell™ teaches students before they arrive and fully transition to college. It helps them before a crisis develops and before patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors undermine their health, success, and well-being. It provides students with a proactive and novel approach to mental health– prevention.  

LaunchWell™ minds the gap of essential lost lessons, reduces the risk for mental health problems, and provides a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to promote college readiness, mental wellness, and life-long learning.

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