Our partners, Amye Fried LCSW-C and Rebecca Kullback LCSW-C founded Metropolitan Counseling Associates in April 2005. What began as a shared philosophy of practice is now a thriving mental health system that has helped thousands of individuals and families heal and create sustainable change.

MCA operates from a fundamental collective belief that health and wellness is attained when assessment and intervention are provided through a bio-psycho-social lens and when individuals are considered in the context of their family. We strive to understand each individual’s unique strengths and challenges and the physiological, cognitive, emotional, interpersonal and environmental variables that impact them. We use this assessment to formulate an effective plan for growth and transformation.

We believe in resilience and each individual’s potential. We also believe that many symptoms are solutions to other problems and that understanding this reality is critical to competent treatment. Awareness is key to the development of realistic expectations. Insight, the ability to use awareness, is critical for progress.

Treatment and support are formulated and implemented with an emphasis on collaboration. Our clinicians and educators provide a breadth of services that draw from empirically based practice and a range of theoretical perspectives that include psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, family systems, learning theory, mindfulness practice and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

We approach each client with the objective to attain:

  • Diagnostic clarity
  • Comprehensive treatment, educational and vocational plans
  • Effective intervention
  • Sustainable outcomes

Furthermore, we are committed to paying vigilant attention to the finite resources of time, finances and hope.

Client Testimonials

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