Metropolitan Counseling Associates

Client Testimonials

Our practice is so grateful to our clients and families for the opportunity to be part of their process of healing, growth, and change. We are proud to be involved in the successful treatment of hundreds of children, teens, young adults, adults, and families for almost two decades.

Therapy can be a complicated and challenging process.  Despite the experience, quality, integrity, ethical standards, and best intentions brought to our work, not every outcome is experienced as a success. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly with any specific questions or concerns.

The comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach taken by the Ascend Program has been truly transformative for our daughter. Each member of the team gained her trust, meeting her where she was at every stage with strategies and insights that felt tailored to her needs. In addition, she bonded with her cohort. As parents there is nothing like seeing her smile now and continue to do the hard work and use her skills. We are eternally grateful to the team!

Starting Ascend was one of the most important decisions I made as a young adult. During the program, I learned useful skills to manage my mental health, formed strong bonds with the clinicians, and worked towards long-term goals that once seemed impossible. 3 years later, many of those goals have come to fruition and I am still working with my Ascend therapist.

My daughter says that ASCEND turned her life around. She went into the program in crisis and came out with a developing sense of confidence and self-awareness. She manages incredibly well as an independent young adult and also knows how to reach out for support when she needs it.

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