Metropolitan Counseling Associates


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is an excellent way to develop self-awareness and effective behavior patterns that promote mental wellness, rewarding relationships and the ability to achieve your objectives in sustainable ways. Our therapists are trained to provide many different evidenced based individual treatment options that can be tailored to meet your individualized needs and goals.

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Family Therapy

All of our therapists have extensive training and experience in family therapy and consider the impact family has on health and development with every client we see. Our family therapy services are designed specifically to help you and your family reduce conflict, improve communication, enhance problem solving and develop behavior patterns that promote individual and family health and well-being.

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Group Therapy

Group therapy is an extremely effective and efficient form of treatment and support for people of all ages. Our wide range of groups are specifically designed to address the individualized treatment needs and goals of our clients. We can help you determine whether group therapy is ideal for you and which group will be most beneficial to achieving your goals.  Use the following link to learn more about our groups and current offerings.

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Our Ascend and Ascend Lite Programs have helped hundreds of young adults between the ages of 18-28 develop the self-esteem, realistic goals setting and effective behavior patterns necessary to support successful transition into adulthood.  Both group-based programs are designed to address issues impacting mood stability, academic and vocational planning, emotional and physical well-being, executive function skills, and overall self-care and daily living skills.

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LaunchWell™ online college readiness program was developed by Metropolitan Counseling Associates to provide young adults with the opportunity to develop self-awareness, knowledge, and skills proven to support a successful transition post high school into college and broader adulting.  The three-hour program combines a wide range of evidenced based skills proven support mental health, goal directed behavior, problem solving, academic achievement and long-term well-being. Used for mental health prevention, LaunchWell™ also reduces the risk of developing disruptive mood and behavior problems that interfere with health and success at school.

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Whether you come to us for treatment or personal growth, the success of our work together is based upon a thorough and clearly defined problem and goal. Our associates are trained to use a wide range of evidenced based diagnostic assessments and self-awareness tools to help clients develop productive treatment, educational and vocational plans.

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Education and Vocation Services

Our Education and Vocation Services help adolescent and adult clients identify and resolve problems interfering with academic and professional achievement.  Our Executive Function Assessment and Support is specifically designed to identify and reduce problems with executive function that interfere with school success, task completion and problem solving on a daily basis.

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Supervision and Training

Several of our associates are credentialed to provide advanced clinical supervision for social workers and professional counselors towards independent licensure.  Our practice is also an authorized provider of professional continuing education and we offer a rotation of practical and progressive interdisciplinary trainings throughout the calendar year.

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Mental Health First Aid trainings now available at MCA! Register and Learn More!